Friday, June 26, 2009

Whenever I scroll through the images I capture after a session, I hope to have some gut reaction. I hope that at least a few of the pictures will make me smile or give me chills or, the best, make me tear up. When I saw the image below, instantly my eyes filled with tears. Then a few days ago I got an email from Lacee saying that only a few days after our session, their baby boy was delivered prematurely at just 34 weeks. The pictures immediately meant so much more to me. What if we had waited one more week? I asked Lacee if I could snap just a few shots of their new baby boy before he was released from the hospital yesterday. Rylan is the last image of this post. And he is perfect in every possible way.

Monday, June 22, 2009

When I got a phone call about this shoot I was soooo excited. She said they lived on a ranch and they wanted some shots with their horses. I absolutely couldn't wait! First, to have a new location is always fun if not a bit challenging. And second, horses! And while I could write quite a bit about how badly I wanted to jump on one of the horses, or how their land made me ache for the hill country, or how the smell of a leather saddle on a dusty horse might be one of the best on this earth, I'll just say that I loved every minute of the session...and how the pictures turned out.

Stacy and Mark had their engagement session on what had to be the hottest day Ev-Er! Man alive! Even in the shade of art alley we were all panting, but I was the only one complaining. I always feel bad when my "studio" is hot...or cold...or flooded. :) Anyway, their pictures really turned out quite sweet!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have been dying to post these wedding pictures but wanted to wait until the bride and groom had seen them...It was such a relief to see them fall in love with the pictures. Their wedding was so fun and beautiful. It was in the bride's parents' back yard and that just made it so simply perfect. Lauren's dress was the cutest thing I've ever seen, as was Tadd's reaction when he saw her coming down the aisle. There's just nothing better than boys getting teary eyed over their bride...About ten seconds after we shot the last formal family following the ceremony it started to pour so there was a mad dash to the tent. But, despite the rain and unusually cold temperatures for a Texas May day, the wedding was wonderful way to start the season!
These are just a few of my favorites,
but there will be many more posted on the website soon...Enjoy!

Giving credit where credit is totally due, my assistant wedding photographer, crystal, captured many of these great shots... I am so glad i have her!
Congratulations Tadd and Lauren! We wish you the very best!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009



and amy?

Yeah, well they're friends. Super cute friends. And I got to shoot the both of them together! It was the best! They're both heading off to college soon - one to california, one to tech, so they wanted some pictures together before they left. :)