Wednesday, May 27, 2009

juliana. on her way.

This pretty momma works with my husband. She emailed me and asked me to do her maternity session. At the time of her email, I wasn't for sure I knew who she was. About two weeks before her session, she was sitting at our table at the ASU sports banquet. Let's just say when I saw her bright smile, her beautiful eyes, her perfect round tummy...I couldn't wait!

I love this one!


I am almost booked up for the month of June. And July is already starting to fill up. That's exciting for me! If you want to get on the calendar, don't delay! :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a post of many pictures, part 3: a belly, a family and three cute girls

Cute, huh?
I know you can't see her tummy in this shot, but you know it's there. And I love the poky little puppy...


I love this family. It might be because Crystal is one of my close friends. Or it might be because their little boys have big beautiful eyes and smiles that melt your heart. Or it might be because of the bright colors of their wardrobe, but whatever the reason, I love this family and am so glad Crystal, who is quite the photographer herself, asked me to photograph their family.
oh, good-ness! This boy!
and this boy!
I just love them...and I have fallen terribly in love with this old wooden wall as well...

I love children sessions and I love girls, (i have two boys. Girls have dresses and bows and long pretty hair and sweet smiles and their pockets are not typically full of bugs.) and I especially love when those two loves combine. You can see why...

As proof that I do love boys too and their slimy sticky messy-ness are a few pics of my boys. They're pretty darn cute too...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

a post of many pictures, part 2: senior boys

At first, I'll admit it, I was a little nervous about doing senior pictures for boys. I'm used to girls! But, after these two guys, I can't believe I was ever nervous. Their pictures are some of my favorites now...they just oozed coolness.
Guess where he's thinking of going for college?

I asked Reece and his mom if they cared where we went for his shoot. They said not really. So I took them to a junk yard! It has the coolest old tractors and cars and even an old school bus. It's my new favorite location - who would have thought a junk yard would be so cool!

love it. Love the hat. Love the boots. Love the crackled wall. love it...


I went to Odessa for Nick's pictures. I was a little nervous because I had no clue where we would be taking pictures. He, his aunt and his mom and I drove around looking for spots before we started shooting. At first we went to all these pretty gardens, but it wasn't until they drove me to all the old beat up buildings downtown that I knew the shoot was going to be great. This session was just so fun - and Nick was such a trooper. We took pictures for a good two and a half - three hours. And he kept on smiling.

About five seconds before I took the picture below, I told nick, "now a serious face - no smile." Immediately he started cracking up. And so did I. I could not get a straight face out of him for a good five minutes. It was hilarious.
Finally...the serious face. But that grin above is better, don't you think?

a post of many pictures, part 1

I have been busy. Busy-like-a-bee busy. Busy like I-need-a-new-word-for-busy busy. Busy like...well, you probably understand. And due to such busy-ness i have neglected this blog terribly. So...Here, in no particular order are a few of my favorite shots from a few recent sessions. More will be coming...and then eventually I'll post pics from every shoot like I was doing. I promise. maybe...

This little chick-a-dee was so fun to shoot! There wasn't a bad shot of her! Her eyes...beautiful!
Her older sister knew how to light up the world with a smile too...
...and their family pictures were amazing. When I said, "now get close and huggy" they totally knew what I meant.


For mother's day, these girls had a shoot for their mom. It was so fun!
And this little angel was so fun to photograph. Someday I'll have to post the series of pictures of her going from a super grinny little thing to a wee bit pouty in a matter of seconds. It's a progression I capture during almost every shoot with children under 5. But what's great about their pouts - they're almost cuter than the grins! :)
Good grief - she's cute!


I could try a hundred times to get this picture again and it wouldn't happen. But isn't it great?
These pictures just make me smile...


Oryan and Tori were so great to shoot. Except I called the guy Jeff like 12 times because the day before their shoot I had a shoot with another couple and the guy's name was jeff. And I'm just terrible with names! Terrible. But they forgave me. And we got some great shots!
My favorite thing about this couple was how easily this military guy could pick up his bride-to-be! They were just so cute together! Giggly...that's a good thing to see in an engaged couple. Lots and lots of giggles.


Ahhh, reid, how I love thee. I photographed this little guy when he was about 8 months old and captured the picture above. It is one of my favorite shots ever. Ever. A few days ago, I got to photograph him again...sigh. His eyes make me swoon.
Oh, lordy. Could there be a cuter grin?
Too sweet. Just too darn sweet...