Monday, March 29, 2010

pretty momma

This sweet momma-to-be is Leslie.
I taught 6th grade with Leslie for one year. She is an absolute ray of sunshine.
My fondest memory of teaching with Leslie happened when we took our 6th graders on a field trip to San Antonio.
I will pause this story here to say that if you should ever become a teacher and you are given the opportunity to take your team of 120 6th graders on a 31/2 hours bus ride to play all day in another city, do so. It'll be worth it. BUT. Also, take tranquilizers for the bus ride home.
It'll really be worth it.

Leslie and I had assumed that the students would be so very tired from our excursion that they would quickly pass out on the bus ride home and we would have a quiet, calm return trip.
So very NOT the case.
They were insane. We spent a good while hushing and shushing and "detentions-can-be-given-ing" and perhaps...yelling. And then finally, Leslie and I are standing there in the aisle of the bus, she's on one end, I'm on the other and there are 40 some odd 6th graders between us, all hopped up on a day's worth of caffeine and crazinesss...
Leslie looked at me and said, "Well...if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"
and laughed her wonderfully contagious laugh.
So, we did.
I joined in a card game being played in the back and she did something similar in the front. And would you believe, all students and teachers made it home safe and sound that night?

That story really has nothing to do with her pictures or her having a baby really, but i felt like sharing. : ) I know Leslie is going to be one wonderful momma, and I'm so excited for her!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

fresh from heaven.

I'll be perfectly honest. Newborn sessions still scare me. For one reason. They have to be indoors 99% of the time and that takes me out of my comfort zone of natural light.
It's scary!
Light is everything!
And not having enough of it is down right terrifying for a photographer, well, at least this photographer. I'm just confessing my weaknesses here! Stick me in an alley with broken windows and I'll be happy as a lark. But in a room with one window? I'll start sweating bullets. Seriously.
Having said that, in the midst of my lack-of-light panic attacks, I do absolutely love newborn sessions. Because they're so wonderfully tiny and wrinkly and perfect. Fresh from heaven perfect.

And, oh, how I love seeing new parents with their baby. It's a love like nothing else. It's like, until you hold your first child, you've never even really understood love. And I get to freeze frame that new love forever.
(or try to in between sweating bullets, shaking and questioning everything I thought I knew about photography)
I was lucky during this session because there was an abundance of natural light filtering in through lots of windows, so i got some shots that I absolutely love....this is my favorite.

But this one makes my heart beat a little faster, too...

and then there's this...
Sigh...I'll face my fears any time for images like these... : )

one of these days...

...I will try to be as cool as the seniors I photograph and wear cowboy boots and a sundress. And when I do, I give you all permission to say, "Jenny, dear, you just can't pull it off." And I'll shed a tear, and do it anyway. One of these days...
So, I absolutely loved this session, as I do all senior sessions. Cute cute girl, amazing clothes(as always), great light, and THE most beautiful eyes my camera has ever seen.
Don't you agree? I adored them.

I mean, come on!

turning one is a big deal!

Turning 1 is definitely something worth getting photographed!
I love doing one year sessions. For a number of reasons.

They're adorably cute. Not matter what. See?
They make these sweet little innocent faces like this...

They look up at me with big innocent eyes and my heart melts
as I think, "This THIS is my job?!"
Did I mention they're just cute?
like, super duper, no matter the face, wonderfully, innocently, perfectly cute?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Really? No way...Really?

*** UPDATE: All mini-sessions are now taken! Craziness!

Would you believe that by 10 am all but one mini-session was taken?!!!

Really?! I mean, really really?

I checked my email at 6:30am. And there was already a request!

You guys know how to make a girl feel loved! :)

If any of you want tomorrow, Tuesday afternoon, the only mini-session still available, let me know! Email! Quick!

And I promise every time I use my ipad, I will think of you!
I'm so excited!!!!!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

I want.

I want this.
I have wanted an iphone since the beginning of time.
Was there a time before the iphone?
But my husband is a die hard sprint fan.
I also wanted an itouch.
Didn't happen.

Then apple made the ipad.
And I knew I had found the one whom my soul loved.

I also want to play with a lens I bought recently. I have fallen deeply in love with it.
It has given me photos like this...
and this... and this... and ...sigh...this.

I also want to celebrate the arrival of this!
And this!

Spring, in all its splendid glory, has finally, at long last, arrived.
So, I am desperate to take more photos like this...

As I take advantage of this...

10-Day Forecast for San Angelo, TX (76904)

High /
Low (°F)
Precip. %
Mar 21
Clear 32° 0 %
Mar 22
Mostly Sunny 77°/45° 0 %
Mar 23
Partly Cloudy 83°/50° 0 %
Mar 24
T-Showers 71°/43° 30 %
Mar 25
Mostly Sunny 71°/38° 10 %
Mar 26
Sunny 79°/52° 0 %
Mar 27
Sunny / Wind 84°/49° 0 %
Mar 28
Sunny 79°/45° 0 %
Mar 29
Sunny 79°/50° 0 %
Mar 30
Mostly Sunny 83°/50° 0 %
Last Updated Mar 21 10:07 p.m. CT

...combined with this....



+1 day

+1 week

....and the end of grading 52 4th grade essays every week.
Spring is here. I can do fun things now like projects where 4th graders make a replica of the alamo. : )

All of this adds up to me being able to have shoots at 5:45pm, very doable after school.

I have a lot of wants as you can see.

So, why would I be sharing all of this with all of you?
Because I want!
I want your help!

To earn me my little darling of an ipad,
I am going to have 6-7 mini-sessions! This week and next.
Here's how it'll work.

Spring Mini-sessions!
Choose a date - March 23rd, 25th, 26th , 29th, 30th and 31st & April 1st.
Shoot time: 5:45pm
And you'll get
a 30-45 minute, one location mini-session,
15 edited images (and all the other unedited images, too!) on CD.

Maybe you need Easter pictures?
Or a quick redo on a senior session gone bad?
You're just dying for a reason to buy every spring colored item of clothing at Target?
You love your husband and think it might be good to have a picture of the two of you together without kids dangling from your every limb?
Mothers day is coming!
Fathers day is coming!
Or maybe you just feel sorry for me and want to give me all my wants. :)

Whatever your reason, if you'd like to take advantage of me wanting all these things, then send me an email with the date you prefer. I doubt there will be a mad dash or anything, but my regular session dates are going fast so these might be, too! Spring has arrived! :)

I'll fill spots on a first come, first serve basis. Email me!